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The right way of mulching the garden – enhance your garden with mulch!

Any substance used to protect the soil’s surface from erosion, control weeds, regulate soil temperature, and preserve moisture is known as mulch. When soil is exposed to direct sunlight, plant roots suffer and become more thirsty, which fosters the ideal environment for weed seeds to thrive. Mulching provides an answer while lightening your workload. To mulch your garden properly, adhere to the following guidelines:

Ensure you are conscious of when to mulch your plants.

How often should homeowners mulch their gardens is a common question. Mulch is frequently used in the early spring to prevent soil from warming, which restricts plant development during the first growing season. Plastic mulch is an exception, which is spread over a vegetable garden before planting in the early spring. Plants will benefit from an increase in soil temperature as a result of this. Spread organic mulches around perennials, shrubs, and trees when the soil heats up and dries up, which, depending on your location, may not happen until June or July.

Utilize organic mulch if you want to add more nutrients.

Organic mulch breaks down into the soil and replaces the soil’s nutrients. Examples of this kind of material include compost, grass clippings, newspaper, manure, straw, hardwood, chopped leaves, and cocoa bean hulls. They are the best substitutes for vegetable gardens or borders with a range of perennials, shrubs, and trees. For landscaping, you might use rubber, gravel, or plastic mulch.

Don’t use rocks as mulch.

The soil isn’t enhanced by rocks, despite their quantity and beauty, and they could even harm your garden. The sun’s absorption of heat causes the rocks to instantly warm up. This may cause the earth to warm. In warm soil, plants may get stressed and thirsty. The use of rocks more frequently is another issue. Weed seeds carried by the wind find shelter among the stones and establish themselves in every crack, making weeding much more difficult.

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